61-year-old man eager for his 88th wedding, who is the bride? You won’t believe it

Jakarta (International Desk) A 61-year-old man from the West Java province of Indonesia is going to get married for the 88th time in his life, which he will do with his ex-wife. According to Indian media, this man has been married many times.

Dubbed the ‘Playboy King’, the 61-year-old is a farmer by profession. The senior citizen says that even though we have been separated for a long time, the love between us is still there, hence his ex-wife. Can’t refuse for marriage. The groom reveals that his ex-wife still loves him even though they were married for a month.

Among the wives, the woman’s number is 86. The 61-year-old man said that he got married for the first time at the age of 14, while his wife was two years older than him. “Due to my bad behavior at that time, my wife asked for divorce after two years of marriage,” he said. I also have no information.