Big news. The government apologizes for holding local elections in major cities of Pakistan for 3 months

Islamabad (Newsdesk) The Sindh government has apologized for holding local elections in Karachi and Hyderabad for 3 months.

In this regard, the report of IG Sindh has been sent to the Election Commission, in which it is said that for holding local elections in Karachi Division. More manpower is required, 4 to 8 policemen are required in each polling station while the policemen are not available for 3 months due to floods.

Election Commission has asked for reply regarding local body elections on October 28. Sindh Govt. In the letter sent, it is stated that 5,000 personnel were requested from the Sindh Police by the Ministry of Interior, these 5,000 police personnel are under the IG Islamabad in Islamabad. are also busy, due to these reasons peaceful and transparent local government elections do not seem possible.