Imran Khan planned around Islamabad, on which day we will give surprise

Ahoor (Web Desk) Federal Minister Javed Latif has said that the cat is coming out of the bag in the form of Imran Khan, it is playing with the state and spreading poison against institutions. Javed Latif while holding a press conference in Lahore. He said that unfortunately, a rioter arose in Pakistan who did not miss any opportunity and destroyed the economy of the country.

Javed Latif said that whether Imran Niazi will be allowed to play the game openly, children will be allowed to play. Blood March is being brought, it is known that Imran Khan is planning around Islamabad, we will give a surprise on this day. Therefore, we will not give fee saving, if we talk to this group today, this way will be opened for the future as well.

Javed Latif said that we know where the funding is coming from, with evidence, you will be accused of big theft. are going to catch, the state will not negotiate with blackmail. He further said that there is no contact with Imran Khan through any back channel and will not do so, he has no chance for the country.

The federal minister said that Imran Khan tried to establish a presidential system in the country, he says martial law will be imposed, what difference will it make.