The Chinese citizen who won the lottery of 30 million dollars was good enough not to inform his family, what will happen to the family?

BEIJING (International Desk) A man in China has won a lottery worth 30 million dollars, but he has decided to keep his family from knowing about it because he thinks it will make his wife and children proud.

A report by the South China Morning Post said the man was identified as Li, who is from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The outlet added that he bought 40 lottery tickets for 80 yuan ($11), with each ticket containing the same seven numbers. All seven numbers matched and the man won the jackpot. The man donated nearly seven million dollars to charity after receiving the prize.

The man chose a cartoon character while receiving the prize money check. It was a creative way of keeping identity secret that has become quite popular in China. The man said that he did not tell his wife or child about this because he felt that if he did, his family would be deprived of their hard work and feel superior to others.