Why are heart attacks more likely to occur in the morning?

It is generally seen that people have heart attacks mostly in the morning, but why this happens has been answered by an Indian doctor.

Research Center Gurgaon Dr. TS Clare has said that the reason for this is the release of hormones in the body. An abnormal increase in heart rate causes the heart of a person who already has heart disease to withstand this pressure and fail.

Dr. TS Clare said that Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Oregon Health in the United States. In a study by the experts of And Science University, our body clock is responsible for this. They said that our body stays awake at other times due to our body clock, but at night we sleep and our body.

It consumes all the energy which results in the production of different hormones in our body. is accepted and causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which greatly increases the risk of heart attack in heart patients.